A Special Gift For You

If this is your first visit to personalpause.com, welcome.  If you are a return visitor welcome back. Please read on.

Most of us appreciate receiving a gift, a present without strings attached, something we can then call our own, something we can put in our personal “treasure chest”.   How about giving such gift, a present without strings attached? Do you enjoy giving a gift to someone they can keep and treasure?

Most gifts require some sort of sacrifice like money, work or time.  Typically, when you give something away, it leaves you with a little less.  What would you do if you had a gift to give that when you shared it you had more? Would you bury it, or share it?

Positive thoughts are  such a gift.

There are many times in my day when my mind drifts to a dangerous place, a place of negative thinking.  When I lock myself  in that dangerous place, I find that I think of the world as hostile, but if I keep my mind open and available something amazing inevitably happens, I receive a welcomed gift from my wife, a friend or simply someone I meet in passing, a wonderful gift. The gift is as simple as a positive a thought.  It may not be an “epiphany”, but if I’m open minded and willing to accept it as a gift, it can be a positive spark in my mind and a catalyst for a change in my attitude. Our greatest freedom, is the freedom to choose our own attitude.

“personalpause.com” is an example of place with a gift that has no strings attached.  Simply visit the site and enjoy a positive thought and a “one minute of pause” . Please be my guest to share the thought or the entire site with anyone who you believe may benefit from the gift of positivie intention. No strings attached.

Too many times those of us who own these wonderful thoughts bury them inside our “treasure chest” and we keep them to ourselves.  If we’re  afraid to share our positive thoughts, they will go to waste and nobody will benefit.   Share those positive thoughts and you’ll get even more positivity in return.

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