Making Fear Your Teacher

What is fear preventing you from doing?

Sometimes we fear small things that only seem large at the time, like a test in school, a meeting with an anger client, or going to the doctor. Sometimes we fear big things like a serious illness or that someone we love will come to harm. We all experience fear from time to time.

Fear is healthy, and we all feel it. It keeps us from doing foolish or reckless things, like venturing out of our house during a storm or running across the street without looking for approaching cars. The problem occurs when, fear prevents us from doing what we need to do for our spiritual growth.

When we face a fear we learn something about ourselves and as we learn, we change in some way, and in turn revise our perception of the world. This revised perception then becomes a new “teacher” inside us. This teacher encourages us to continue to learn, change and grow.

I find my most effective way to approach fear is to treat it not as an opponent but as a friend with a lesson to teach. If I feel overwhelmed by my fear, and I don’t have the necessary skills and tools to address it, I ask for help from someone who has succeeded in facing what I fear. Each time I take a mindful step forward towards my fear I gain strength, courage, and confidence to keep trying.

What are you afraid of? Do you have the skill to address it yourself? Who can you ask for help? Are you willing to try? What’s preventing you from starting? Remember if all possible objections must be overcome first, nothing would ever be attempted.

Start NOW!