Pain Is Healthy.

Pain is a sign of a healthy body.

Pain is a signal that suggests we are best served by stopping and paying attention to our physical and or emotional needs. Pain is a healthy message towards which we need to pay attention.

When we feel physical pain, our first impulse is to eradicate it with medication.  This is an understandable response, however in our hurry to feel better, we forget that pain is our body’s healthy way of letting us know it needs attention, it needs a change.  For example, a headache my be telling us that we are dehydrated, hungry or under stress.  A hoarse throat may be telling us we need to rest our voice. A stomach ache may be telling us our diet is stressing our body. If we ingore these messages and instead take an asprin or an antacid to relieve the pain, yes our bodies may feel better but the problem remains unresolved. We have created a disconnect between our body’s message and our minds response.

Physical pain is not the only kind of pain that lets us know our  attention is needed.

Emotional pain also provides us with valuable information about the state of our psyche, letting us know that we’ve been affected by someone or something and that we would be better served by channeling our focus inward. Just as we gently treat a cut on our finger by cleaning it and covering it with a bandaid, we need to treat a broken heart, not by medicating ourselves with a pill or a potion but instead, by surrounding ourselves with the love and support of family and trusted friends.

The next time you feel pain, either physical or emotional, consider some healthy alternatives rather than the pill or potion. Instead of reaching for the asprin, maybe a few deep breaths, a healthy snack or a tall glass of water will put an end to your headache. Instead of reaching for the anacid when our stomach acts up, maybe cleaning up our diet may relieve our stomach of distress. Perhaps writing in a journal, speaking to a friend or consulting a therapist will ease your aching heart instead of the sedative or glass of wine.

Utimately, pain is a healthy message your body is sending you about the need to make a change.  If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you got.  Listen to the message your body is telling you and make a healing change. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Your body always speaks the truth, it’s your brain’s interpretation of reality that will dictate your experience.