Throughout the day we experience many feelings. Losing something makes us angry. Fighting with a friend makes us sad. Perhaps we’re lonely because no one is home. Getting an unexpected compliment makes us happy. Public speaking makes us anxious. Watching our kids succeed makes us proud. Our feelings come and go just like the hours of our lives.

Human beings have a constant ebb and flow of feelings throughout the day. Letting our feelings be whatever they are is good. Bad feelings will go away in time. Good feelings don’t last forever. We may not like all our feelings, but if we accept each feeling for what it is, our personal and temporary interpretation of a life experience and not a permanent fact of life, we can gain wisdom about what triggers our feelings. How we interpret reality dictates our experience.

What triggers your feelings? Can you direct your life toward the positive triggers and away from the negative ones? Can you develop more healthy coping strategies? Can you allow yourself, give yourself permission to enjoy the good stuff without a sense of guilt. If you make a mistake can you forgive yourself and learn from it?

A challenge for today; try to be aware of your feelings as if you were “observing yourself”. Watch how your feelings draw people toward you or push them away. Be aware 0f what triggers your feelings. Can you modify your reactions to the things you can’t change? Try to accept your feelings as simply a personal but temporary reaction to to the ebb and flow of life?

Experience a personal pause.