Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

We all have so much to be thankful on this special day.  Take a moment to consider these amazing thing about our life that we so often take for granted.

Give thanks for your SELF, for your health, strength and energy. Ponder the miracle of your body because without your conscious thought your body regulates heartbeat, breath, digestion, cell renewal, combats disease, heals wounds, and maintains equilibrium among its intricate array of separate yet connected parts.

Be thankful for planet earth, with all it’s natural resources, like the water, soil, air, vegetation, animals, all the things we need to live full and healthy life.

Be thankful for the people in your life because they offer companionship, camaraderie, generosity, teamwork and love.

Be thankful for the problems in your life because they remind and challenge you to make change to become a better person.

And finally, be thankful for the freedom to choose your own attitude towards the flow of everyday life.

“Thanksgiving” is an action word. Happiness is a choice that sometimes requires effort. Let’s take a minute to pause and give thanks for the miracle of our life.

Happy Thanksgiving from Personal Pause.