Fun Heals

Good Morning,

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

Are you having fun yet? I think having fun isn’t just helpful to happiness and health, but that it is essential? Here are three simple reasons why I believe having fun and enjoying each day leads to a life of flourishing and not simply survival.

Fun Heals.

Having fun recharges your mind and soul and gives you the chance to release the stress you’ve been holding on to. Those looming projects and deadlines can wait while you do something you truly do enjoy, whether it’s reading a book, taking a Zumba class, throwing a ball with your dog or going to lunch or a movie with a friend.

You’re healing your mind by giving it a chance to rest and recover, and you’re boosting your spirit by doing something you enjoy.

Fun Lifts Our Mood.

Make the time for fun. Schedule play dates for yourself, and make sure you’re getting enough time for fun with music, games, friendship, athletic activity, or any other positive outlet. These habits can help you view life with optimism, engage more with those around you, and can even stimulate the natural production of endorphins (mood boosters) in your body.

Fun Inspires Creativity.

By giving yourself the time and permission to “blow off steam” regularly, you’re relieving stress and keeping your mind calm so next time something goes wrong during the flow of life, you’re less likely to panic, become over stressed and act out in a manner you regret later.

The time you invest in your own enjoyment and positivity will encourage curiosity and wonder, and soon you’ll be more likely to come up with imaginative solutions to a wide range of daily challenges.

One thing is for sure, waiting around for the perfect mood to start having fun is pretty counterproductive. You have to make the fun happen in your life. Start today. Make a list of things you wish you had more time for and FIND the time and start doing at least one of them!

Practice makes progress. Progress is good.

Have fun.