Do you have all the answers?

I find it very easy to look at a problem with my mind predetermined on how I want it to turn out.  A conflict with a friend?  I know how that should turn out.  Difficulties on the job?  Well, I can tell you just how those should be solved.  A “situation” with my wife? I know what should be the easiest route. My way is the right way.  This approach doesn’t allow for the possibility that the problems we encounter in life have something very important to teach us. Maybe I’m the problem.

Problems can be  opportunities to learn if we let go of our prejudices and predetermined attitudes and we look for the truth in the solution by addressing it honestly and directly. Keeping an open mind to alternative suggestions and accepting the help of other people often establishes new pathways to succeding where we have struggled before.

Every problem brings it’s own reality and we may not  like what we find, especially when we discover that we may be one of the major causes of a particular  problem.  But that truth should not make us flinch, it should not scare us from dealing with the problem honestly. Problems can help us to be better people.

It is only when we take responsibility for our part in a problem that we can honestly change our next action to become part of the solution.

Are you living in the problem or the solution?

Push your PAUSE button now.