A Healthy Spiritual Path

Are you on a healthy Spiritual path? Are you religious? Is there a difference?

I believe Spirituality does not require the belief in a particular religion. While most religious practices are spiritual, there is so much more to spirituality that is not religious.  For example, I consider meditation a very spiritual practice, yet it can be done without any religious feelings. Gardening, reading or listening to music can be done “spiritually” if we employ “mindfulness” techniques, however I don’t believe it requires a religious feeling.

A healthy Spiritual path is one in which we practice compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity, kindness and love.  Should you choose to take part in the traditions, doctrines and beliefs of a specific religion, let that be part of your journey, let that  be a personal choice that you decide for yourself.

I believe that we are all spirits on a human journey. Experience your journey with your full attention.

Enjoy a PAUSE now.