Our attitudes are an outward expression of our thoughts. Our attitudes often dictate how other people relate to us. What you say, the words you use have an incredible impact on all those who surround you.

We live in a world of too much complaining, criticizing and gossiping. Negative thinking is like a drug. it is addictive. Complaining begs for sympathy. Criticizing passes judgment. Gossip massages our own ego at the expense of other people. These attitudes create a negative energy that surrounds us like polluted air. Sure we can survive in such an environment, but can we flourish?

I challenge you to flourish. I challenge you to clean up the pollution. I challenge you to live in the solution. I challenge you to avoid complaining, criticizing and gossiping TODAY, all day, starting NOW!

Do not pollute the air around you. Your deep breaths will be more refreshing and energizing. Make today a day you’ll be proud of tomorrow.

Happy Now…