One Of Many

There is enough on this planet for everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed. I need a humble reminder once in a while that I am “one of many”.

When I find myself focusing on what makes me different from everyone else, I begin to justify my selfish and controlling behavior. It’s during these times that I need a little reminder to get out of my “egocentric world” and broaden my perspective about my place in the universe. I have found a great way to get out of my focus on what makes me different than “you”, and instead open my mind to what we all have in common.

How do I do it? Simple. I find and focus on a satellite image Planet Earth from outer space or I look to the stars in the night sky. Sound a little silly? Well that’s all it takes to change my perspective and then my attitude. For me, I need moments like those to remind me that I am “one of many” and not “above” anyone else.

For me, seeing an image of Earth taken from space inspires awe because I can clearly see the “integrated wholeness” of our planet. Arbitrary boundaries, like countries and states, can’t deny the reality that we all live together, we all breath air from the same atmosphere, drink water from the same sources and eat food grown from the same ground. We all make Planet Earth our home. When we cooperate with each other, rather than compete, it is more likely that we can all flourish. There is enough on this planet for everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed. I am “one of many”.

For me, when I gaze into the stars at night I am reminded of “our” place in the universe. The planet earth is “one of many” celestial bodies. A simple glance into the starry night and I’m snapped back into reality and I am reminded that we do not control the flow of the universe. There really is a greater and more powerful force in the universe than the Planet Earth. This realization makes it easier for me to enjoy a greater sense of humble commonality with my neighbors when I know we all look into the same sky, we are all bound by the same laws of nature and we all rely on each other to help navigate through the unpredictability of our individual and shared journey’s.

My egocentric attitude is hostile and confrontational. My “one of many” attitude is peaceful and loving.

I am one of many.