I Wonder?

I love to wonder. I wonder how? I wonder who? I wonder when? I wonder why? I wonder where? I wonder what if?

It’s been said that mystery creates wonder and wonder creates possibilities. Wonder is the basis of the human being’s desire to understand. Wonder is curiosity. Wonder is the flickering light of a distant candle. Walk toward the candle and the room will brighten. Invite wonder into your day and the day will brighten

I believe most of us receive the gift of wonder as children.  Children are so curious, so adventurous, so filled with excitement to try and explore the unfamiliar. Sometimes being “childish” is desirable. If we could see the world with the same wonder that a child sees the world our lives would be much more exciting.

When I wonder  the world is a very special place.

Where’s your sense of wonder?  Have you gotten so bogged down in the routine of your daily “stuff” that  life has become dull?  Rekindle your  curiosity, creativity, and your sense of wonder. We are all amazing beings and our world is extraordinary even when days may seem to be dark.  A sense of wonder reminds of just how vast the unknown is and how much we have to learn each day.

Curiosity is energy. I try to see the opportunities, the choices and the wonder in the things that so many others find to be somewhat boring or drab.  I consider my sense of wonder to be one of my greatest gifts in life, and I consider myself very fortunate that I have such a gift.

I wonder where my mind will take me if I PAUSE now.