Time Investments

I believe that TIME is our most precious commodity.

Ask you’re self these questions:

1. Do I invest my time in behavior that invites anger, gossip, resentment or anxiety, or in behavior that promotes kindness, peace, love and growth?

2. Do I find myself purposefully allowing time to pass me by just to “get through the day”, or do I cherish each moment as a gift and walk through the day with curiosity, vitality and gratitude?

3. Do I do so many things at one time that I never really experience any one of them, or do I consciously slow down to notice life’s subtleties?

4. Do I often ask myself “where did the time go?”, or do I make the most of each day to the best of my ability with the skills I have for that day?

Maybe you need to be more mindful how you invest your time. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.

A pause is a good investment of time. The payoff for investing your time in a pause is peaceful serenity. Push the pause button now.