Me Being More Gentle with Me

Do you judge, critisize and try to control other people? Maybe your getting much better at “live and let live” when it comes to other people. Maybe you’re getting much better at forgiving and accepting other people when they make mistakes. Maybe you’re getting less judgmental with regard to other people, but what about when it comes to yourself? Do you hold yourself to a standard that you would never expect from other people?

Just as there is patience and strength when it comes to accepting and forgiving other people, there is even more strength in accepting and forgiving ourselves.

Often in the midst of turbulent times we find a strange gratification in self doubt and self abusing thoughts. We “over fault” ourselves, we take pride in being our own worse critic. There seems to be a curious sense empowerment and pleasure when we choose to be our own judge, jury and executioner. It takes time and practice to learn to be gentle with ourselves, to forgive ourselves and to accept that we are human and have vulnerabilities.

Humans make mistakes. It is when we can honestly accept the reality and inevitability of our own mistakes  that we will naturally be more forgiving and gentle with ourselves. The end result of forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves is a happier more peaceful life.

Practice being gentle with yourself today. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.