Just Be, Part 1

Are you able to “just be”? The most relaxing activities may be the ones in which we do absolutely nothing. Yes, do nothing. Just be.

I can hear it now from Jane Doe or John Q. Public……

“Oh my God, that’s ridiculous. “Just be”? Don’t tell me how to relax. Don’t you know the phrase is “Just Do IT”. “Just Being” is for people who settle, people who give up, people who not only accept defeat, but it seems as though they don’t even care.”

The passionate outburst continues…..”I’m a doer, a thinker, a problem solver, a multi-tasker and a leader. I don’t have the time or the patience to just be. WAIT! I have to answer my phone. It’s my broker, I wish I bought  that stock last year when I wanted to and not listen to him. Have I told you that I own my own business? I’m married with two boys, one in high school the other in college, although I really wish I had a daughter. By the way, I clear my head every morning by walking on the treadmill while I watch the news on TV and read Men’s Health.

Still rambling, “life’s to short to simply “BE”. I gotta go, I’m going to the gym in twenty minutes, but I haven’t eaten since breakfast. I’m starving. I think I’ll eat this candy bar. Where’s my tennis racquet?  I have a game after work. Who took my keys?”

On the way out of the house, “Honey, can you pick up my blood pressure medicine from the Drug Store and a bottle of Shiraz from the wine store. I’ll bring home a pizza for dinner after my tennis match. By the way, let’s plan a barbecue for this weekend. We’ll invite everybody on the block except for the Wilson’s, I don’t like them, they never thanked me for picking their son up from school last week. What’s the weather for Saturday? I gotta go! See you at 7:30. Bye……”

Wow……Notice the flow of this reaction to a simple question, are you able to just be?

First, instant rejection of the idea to “just be”. Then comes an immediate attack the questioner and barrage of judgment statements. The reaction gets more aggressive as a stonewall of defense is built around self beliefs because there is a fear of retaliation. Then comes several egotistical proclamations of personal success, a stubborn sense of false control and racing thoughts of lost time. Then comes the recruitment of family to enable addictive behaviors. And finally. addressing health issues with medications rather than lifestyle change. Worries. Resentments. Go! Go! Go!

Sound crazy? There many people for whom this is reality. Too many people.

It’s at the times we dedicate to just “being” that our regrets, our resentments, our worries and our anxieties have no place.

Are you able to “JUST BE”? For me, whether it’s for one minute, one hour or several hours I try to incorporate “just being” into everyday. Tomorrow, I’ll share with you how I’m able “just be”.