“Silence is golden,” says the old adage, and there are few things as true as that statement.

The moments of true silence in my life are incredible. True silence allows me to relax fully and feel the peace that really should be possible even in the times when we’re in hectic and stressful situations. Silence is a wonderful reminder of just what can be, if we allow it to be so.

Unfortunately, it seems that many people are afraid of silence. There are people who turn on the stereo or the TV as soon as they walk into a room. They are very uncomfortable spending silent time with friends or loved ones. They never allow silence to work its magic, so they go on and on without even realizing just how amazing the magic of silence can be.

It’s when we allow ourselves to be immersed in silence, that we turn inward fully, only then can we pay attention to the deeper, more creative parts of ourselves. Silence allows us to take a deep breath and slow down our thinking.  It quiets our minds. Silence reminds us of the deeper parts of ourselves that we tend to push aside in our constant pursuit of accomplishment and achievement. Silence is the easiest place for us to connect with our spirits.

Inner silence is a place of peace, acceptance and self awareness. Take time to be quiet. To PAUSE.