“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.”—Han Suyin

Are you gentle? Do you judge, control and/or try protect other people from the ebb and flow of life’s turbulent current.  Maybe you say that your getting much better at “live and let live” when it comes to other people. Maybe you’re forgiving and accepting of others, but what about when it comes to yourself. Just as there is strength in accepting and forgiving other people, there maybe MORE strength in accepting and forgiving ourselves.

In the midst of stress we oftem wander to self-doubt and self-abusing thoughts. We may withdraw emotionally, we may pout, we may feel rejected from other people or even worse, self rejection. It may take a while to learn to be gentle with ourselves. Sometimes our impulse is to attack ourselves for mistakes we’ve made, to cover them up or ignore them, rather than to simply be accountable and make apologizes to people for whom it’s appropriate. Too often we think we “deserve” to be rejected or shamed if we are honest and reveal our vulnerabilities, our imperfections and our mistakes to our family or friends.

We will be stronger and less self-centered when we accept this gentleness. We will be as loyal to ourselves as we are to our best friends. Each day with this new attitude we will build strength of character and wisdom. Just for today, take a pledge to be gentle with Yourself. Gentleness isn’t dishonest, arrogant or self-centered it is simply taking reality, with whatever pleasure or pain that includes, and treating ourselves as a constantly changing process not a fixed and finished product.