Change Is The Only Constant

Perhaps the greatest constant in our lives is change. We change every day. We change as we learn new things. We change as we are exposed to new thoughts and ideas. Too often I find myself holding on to my old beliefs, beliefs that contradict what I am learning today. Why is it so hard to let go of these old beliefs?

I believe people hold on to past beliefs too long because it’s difficult to admit we were wrong. Our ego’s want to be massaged. Our ego’s want to be complemented. Our ego’s are uncomfortable when proven wrong.  Our ego’s become too powerful. Let go of the strangle hold your ego has on your life.

Consistency is safe. We are taught from a very young age that consistency is valuable quality. Unfortunatly, the desire to be consistent can keep us from examining our lives, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our actions in an effort to determine if they are really reflective of us and who we want to be as human beings.

I used to think that life was about competition, about striving to do your best AGAINST other people. While I still see the value of competition in some areas, I now tend to believe that life is about cooperation.  Even within the realm of competition, cooperation can make our efforts much more rewarding.

Let go of the strangle hold your ego has on your life. Watch. Listen. Participate. Learn. Change. Grow.