“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”—Byrne

I love this quote.

I see too many people treating life as if it were a “treadmill”, lots of frantic moving without really going anywhere.

Here are seven simple words to get you off the treadmill and inspire you to keep moving forward every day with PURPOSE.

P – Passion. Pursue what you love with all your heart and soul.

U – Urgency. Live fully here and now, yesterday is done, tomorrow is never promised. HappyNow…

R – Reward. When there is no risk, there is no reward, so embrace challenge with courage.

P – Patience. Remember that your purpose may be slow to unfold. Patience is a virtue, but avoid crossing the line into procrastination.

O – Open-minded. Be receptive to the flow of unexpected possibilities.

S – Sunrise. Remember that every morning offers an opportunity to set a new direction.

E – Energy. Let your mission in life be to find your purpose, and run with it!

In our hyper-stressed, overly-demanding world, we often feel busy and even vigorous at times, rushing from one obligation to the next. But if we can stop and PAUSE for one second, we might realize that while we thought we were running towards what we wanted, we were actually jogging in circles.

Simple reminders, like the words above, can change the course of your day. You can use a list like this one as a personal mantra (a series of words that create a state of mind) or maybe simply focus on one word for each day of the week.

Let the goal be to remember that motion without intention is counterproductive.

Give yourself a few moments each day to set your true direction before you start sprinting on the “treadmill of life” and not then realize your not really going any where.

Practice makes progress. Progress is good.