Just Play.

Play is so important. Did you play yesterday? Are you planning on playing today? Have you stopped playing?  Why? Did you get to old to play? Are you too busy?

We don’t stop playing when we get old, we get old when we stop playing.   There are so many great reasons to play, here are just a few.

21 reasons why should we play?

1. Make new friends.

2. Connect with old friends.

3. Learn new skills.

4. Explore new interests.

5. Move.

6. Reduce stress.

7. Have Fun

8. Laugh.

9. Dance and Sing

10. Independence.

11. Team work.

12. Confidence.

13. Discover.

14. Create.

15. Fresh air.

16. Sharing

17. Dogs and Cats

18. Toys.

19. Smiling.

20. Being a kid.

21. HappyNow…

Can you think of 5 more reasons why play is good. Take time to play everyday.