Service is Good

“Being of service” is a good feeling. When we do something for others, without the expectation of anything in return, we are turning our actions into gifts. Being of service makes the world a better place for us all to live.

There are so many ways to be of service in your community. There are the obvious and the much needed volunteering of your time in places like soup kitchens, shelters or senior centers. There are organizations that collect donated food, clothing, toys, books or eye glasses to give to those people in need.

We can donate to a blood drive periodically.

Imagine the impact we would have on the environment if each of us picked up one piece of trash off the sidewalk or some debris from the road everyday.

Simply by inviting someone who isn’t motivated enough to exercise on their own to join you on your daily walk, bike ride or trip to the gym is a great way to give of yourself.

Maybe offering to walk the dog of an ailing neighbor or drive a senior citizen to the grocery store when you go shopping or shoveling their walkway after a snow storm. How about coaching a Little League team or leading a Boy or Girl Scout troop?

Even sharing a smile with a stranger who looks down in the dumps will have impact on someone’s day and maybe just maybe change the direction of their life’s path.

Each of us can do something “of service” every day to make this world a better place to live.  Your time and effort is an amazing gift to give to the world. Be generous.