Long Lasting Change.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” – Chinese Proverb

Have you ever tried to lose significant weight or bulk up with new found muscle tone? What happened? Did it work? Have you maintained it? Or have you slipped back to old patterns or maybe worse, fallen deeper into bad habits?

The most effective way to make long lasting change is to address your thinking first.

So many people lose a lot of weight or gain substantial muscle and find a new healthier and “better looking” version of themselves only to return to their original version soon there after. Why?

Excessive eating or excessive exercise (or excessive anything) are the coping mechanisms we create to protect us from the “powerlessness” we feel in our battle against the flow of life. Physical bulk, whether it’s body fat or muscle, is like “armor” we subconsciously use to protect ourselves against the flow of life.

Does our new self replace the old self or does it simply serve to remove our long held defense system against the challenges life presents us?

If we embark on a new lifestyle that changes the outward appearance of our bodies without addressing the inner workings of our mind, we may find happiness in the compliments from our friends, congratulations from our doctors and personal satisfaction from achievement but this is usually a fleeting happiness that is lost the moment the flow of life inevitably goes against us again. We still don’t have the healthy coping means by which our spirits can thrive.

We are constantly bombarded by a culture that profits from our fear and negative beliefs about our bodies, in fact many of us have internalized those beliefs. We actually believe that WE ARE DEFINED by our appearance. If we are thinner, then we will be happy. If we are more muscular, then we will be happy. If we get surgery to change our body, then we will be happy. If we………, then we will be happy.

Yes our appearance is important, but it will not address the root of our “dis-ease”. It’s amazing, but as we become comfortable in our thinking we become comfortable in our own skin. Address your thinking first and the rest will follow. It really will.