Is Your Root System Healthy?

Are you a creature of habit?

Some habits are good and helpful like being on time, eating a healthy breakfast and regular exercise but sometimes our habits prevent us from living a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually.

For me, most of my unhealthy habits are rooted in my impulsive reaction to either feeling bored or uncomfortable in some way. If I’m not careful, my negative thinking triggers a behavior that eventually becomes a coping mechanism and then an unhealthy self destructive habit.

My bad habits are rooted in habitual negative thinking. My bad habits are like an ailing tree, in order to return the tree to health, it’s underground root system must be addressed first. Then the tree can be restored to health.

The best way restore my Spiritual “root system” is to uncover the source of my “dis-ease”. I must be mindful of dysfunctional patterns that invite negative thinking such as:

1. Do I believe my life should be without pain.

2. Do I believe that things are going wrong if they are not going MY way.

3. Do I believe that I should be able to control other people.

4. Do I believe that life should always be fair.

5. Do I believe that I shouldn’t need to ask anyone for help.

Some of our habits are healthy, some are not, do any of these questions resonate in your thinking? Maybe it’s time to make a change? This would be a good time to re-read question #5.