Time Out

Time Out.

In Sports, teams and players are permitted to call “time out”. A Time Out is simply a pause in the action.  An opportunity to slow down, rest, evaluate the situation and maybe change the plan. When the Time Out is over, the player or the team returns to the game with renewed energy.

While we can’t really call a Time Out in life, we can certainly Pause.

I am calling a Time Out. A Pause.  For the week, I will enjoy  a “Personal Pause” from  the writing of my daily ” Thoughts” on my web site,   www.personalpause.com.

It remains my mission to introduce a mindful “personal pause” into the lives of those people who like me, are “hyper-busy, multi-taskers, and high achievers” as well as those people who “hold too tightly on the past, focus too keenly on the future and therefore miss out on the gift of  NOW”.  However, for the next five days my journey will take me away from the computer, the e-mails and the ever increasing technological “Super Highway” that we too often find ourselves locked in a race from place to place.  For the next two weeks, I will simply experience what life has to offer me.

I encourage you to continue to visit this site and explore the “Archive” section, there are over 365 entries.  Surf randomly or pick and choose the ones that perk your interest.  You never know which one will be the message you needed to read at that moment.

If you know anyone who could benefit from a daily “Personal Pause”, please invite them to visit personalpause.com today.

“Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm; it’s peace within it.”

Try it now. Stop for just a moment, close your eyes and take a deep slow breath in, pause, then releasee your breath just as slowly. Feel the air enter and leave your body. Notice the calm. Notice the peace. Notice the serenity of the moment. Practice makes progress. Progress is good.

I’ll be back with new daily “Thoughts” on  July 15.

Press the “PAUSE Button!


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