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Last week, one of my clients didn’t show up for a standing weekly appointment.  I  waited for a few minutes, then I texted him to see if he was on the way.  There was no response.  I waited. And waited. Ninety minutes passed before I received a response. He forgot. He forgot what day it was.

At first I was insulted.  How could someone forget what day it is?  My first thought came from my Ego. Doesn’t he know I’m very busy. But I’ve learned through lots and lots of practice not to act on my first thought. I paused and remembered that this man was in the midst of some very stressful times at home and that probably his thoughts were elsewhere.  I felt compassion.

I called him on the phone and asked him how he was doing. He spoke honestly.  Once I realized just how much stress he was under, I understood how he could forget our appointment. He was very appreciate of my concern.  I felt true compassion for him in his situation. He felt better.  I felt better.

Are you a compassionate person?

Do you have compassion? How do you express it? Do you express compassion for others? Most of us believe that we are or that we try to be compassionate to other people, especially in their times of stress or misfortune. Well, if we can feel and express our compassion towards others, why is it so hard to feel compassion, forgiveness and love for ourselves?

Your life has been “imperfect,” and so has mine. Why are you able to show me sympathy and compassion when I do something wrong, but you’re so incredibly hard on yourself for your mistakes? Does that make sense? It certainly isn’t fair to you or to the people with whom you share your world.

If you could hear my story, you may understand my actions, reactions and inactions better. If I could hear your story, I may understand yours better. You do know your own story, so give yourself a break and give yourself credit for getting through some hard times. Show yourself the compassion that you express towards others, forgive yourself, and give yourself the love that only you can give to yourself.


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