Make It Beautiful Day

Do you check the weather report before you leave your home each day?  Why?

Maybe the weather forecast effects how you dress each morning or how you schedule your day’s activities. Does the weather influence your attitude ?  Can we influence the weather? I think we can.

Consider these “weather conditions”…..

A Stormy day…..Our outbursts of anger are like the violent winds of a tornado that leave lasting wreckage in their  wake.   Our sarcasm is as uncomfortable to those who hear us as is a day of high humidity.  When we gossip, we pollute the air in our community filling it with smog and an offensive odor.

A Beautiful day………Kindness is always a breath of fresh air. A compliment is like verbal sunshine. We can smile and warm a chilly morning.  We can imagine a rainbow after a storm. Our hugs and kisses can blow dark clouds away.

We CAN influence the weather. What will you do to make today a beautiful day? Attitude is everything.

Experience a personal pause.

Happy Now…

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