The Flourishing Mind

Maintenance Check…..Day #2

Humans Beings are the integration of three primary systems, namely “The Body”, “The Mind” and “The Spirit”. For these Human Systems to flourish, each requires regular attention. Each system requires, challenge, nourishment and rest. This is the second of a three part message. Yesterday, we addressed “The Body”. Please refer back to it in the “Archives” section on the top of this page if you have not already read it.

Today we address “The Mind”.

The mind is an enormous and efficient receptacle for a vast wealth of information. The mind seeks, absorbs, translates, interprets, categorizes and stores information all day everyday. “The Mind” is powerful, dynamic and unlimited in potential. In order to keep our mind sharp and vibrant we need to expose it to various sources of information.

We nourish our minds by inviting new information, new experiences and new perspectives. We exercise our minds by interpreting, categorizing, altering, questioning and storing new and old information. While the mind is never stops, we can rest our minds with soothing, relaxing and safe activities.

For example, we nourish our minds when we read a text book or listen to a lecture. We exercise our minds as we acquire, interpret and try to understand the new information as it relates to our current wealth of knowledge. Finally we rest our minds when we listen to music, enjoy a beautiful day or just sit and “be”.

Yes, as kids we go to school and learn, but learning doesn’t end when to school bell rings, it is a life long process. Keep nourishing, exercising and resting your mind and it will stay sharp, vibrant and healthy.

We will address “The Spirit” tomorrow.


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