Lead by example

Do you lead by example?

When I see things I don’t like in other people, before I react, I try to look at myself first. Is it my place to get involved? What is my motive for suggesting that other people make a change in their life? Is my Ego leading the way? Am I being judgmental? Do I know the entire story? Am I simply imposing my beliefs on other people? What are my motives? Maybe I’m the one that needs to change?

We can’t change other people. We can only change ourselves. Other people may choose follow our example or they may not. We can encourage, inspire, motivate and suggest, but we can’t force change in others. We only change ourselves.

Before you suggest that other people follow your path, consider these questions:

1. Is there something in your life that you would like to share?

2. Are you willing to give and extend your best effort to inspire others to make what you believe to be a “quality of life” improvement?

If the answer is yes, how can you set a good example so other people will WANT to follow your path. Can you be patient and helpful? Are you willing to accept that they may not want to follow your example? Will you be able to “let go” if another person chooses their own path and not yours?

Change is hard. Change is good.
Practice makes progress. Progress is good.
Practice leading by example everyday.


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